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Buttock augmentation surgery

The increase in the volume or the curve of the buttocks is a relatively recent process. This surgery, which comes to us from Brazil, follows a Latin American fashion, largely inspired and relayed by certain stars like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, even if men also use it.


Why  ?


When a woman finds her buttocks too flat, not shapely enough, whether constitutionally, after significant weight loss, or because of skin aging. Some women want to have plump and voluptuous buttocks to feel feminine and desirable.


How? 'Or' What  ?


There are two processes  :


  • Buttock implants


Implants placed in the buttocks are specific implants, very different from breast implants. Their consistency is much firmer.


This intervention requires general anesthesia and takes place in the prone position.

The scar is located in the intergluteal fold, in the upper part of the buttock.

The prosthesis is placed on the upper-external part of the buttock, to increase the curve.


  • Fat injections


This is what is called a lipofilling. The intervention consists in taking the fat on the belly, the hips or the thighs of the patient, and to reinject it after treatment (centrifugation) in the buttocks, to increase their volume and their curve.

The intervention requires two operating positions depending on the sampling areas.

We tend more and more often to use the technique of micrografting, by injecting the fat milliliter by milliliter, to increase the percentage of intake of the injected fat cells.


Suites and result.


Long sitting in the operated area is prohibited for three weeks, sport is prohibited for two months.

After lipofilling, a variable percentage from 20 to 30  % resorption of injected cells takes place in the first two months.

The result is considered final after three months.




A hematoma is possible after the placement of implants.

A result deemed insufficient after lipofilling may require the procedure to be completed.

Possible infection can lead to the implants being removed.

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