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1 / Varia, 52 years old, liposuction



I would like to bring this testimony about the July operation  2014  :

When I was 50, I had the operation in July  2014 for liposuction, after years of hesitation. I met a lovely surgeon, taking the time to explain the nature of the operation and very attentive.

The operation was quite substantial since it was necessary to remove 4.5  l fat, but the result was way beyond what I expected, and I can say it has changed my life. Dr Pulvermacker provides postoperative follow-up, which is very reassuring.

One year later, the results are still there, and  not only was the reduction very important in terms of volume, but the doctor also redesigned shapes that I no longer had… I am always so delighted to have finally taken the plunge and to have trusted the Dr Pulvermacker, that I  thanks again for this high quality work.


2 / Lisabeth, 39 years old, after-effects of weight loss


Hello my name is Lisa, I would like to share with you my journey since losing weight. I underwent gastric band surgery in 2005, which helped me a lot with my weight loss. After this weight loss, my stomach skin fell back and I wanted to have reconstructive surgery at the Mousseau clinic in 2008. I was very, very disappointed with this operation. The surgeon had not made me the normal detachment and not even raised the pubis. When I went to see him in consultation, he told me that it was going to deflate and take shape  ! It never was and I was not the only one in this case. When I resumed an appointment with him, he was no longer in this clinic. So there, my life as a woman changed  ; for me I was no longer a woman. Subsequently, I heard good things about Dr. Benjamin  Pulvermacker and there I said to myself  : "  Why not  ?  When I first saw him, I liked the character of the surgeon, and especially the way he listens to you and takes his time with you. As the first consultation with him ended  2013 was refused to me by Social Security, so the medical adviser asked me to lose weight again. And there I said  : "  there is no problem, it will be done  », So much that the motivation was there. I decided to see the surgeon again in 2015. There, everything is accepted by Social Security. I had the operation in March  2015 of a circular dermolipectomy and after I also did a dermolipectomy of the thighs and there, I can tell you that I became a woman again thanks to Dr Pulvermacker. He has fairy fingers, I really recommend him. I know what I'm talking about, seen what I've been through, and I can't say enough  : "  Thank you doctor for your great work, your work means a lot to me.  Madam or Sir, do not hesitate to go see him in consultation if you need it, he is wonderful and he does a wonderful job.



3 / Sonia, 33, breast reduction, tummy tuck, thigh liposuction


"  At 18  I weighed 47  kg, like many young women. But the years, junk food, drug treatments, no sporting activity made me take 38 in spite of myself.  kg in twelve years  ; the yoyo effect also completely damaged my body (stomach, breasts…). At 32, married without children, I decided to go through cosmetic surgery. I had arrived at 85  kg for 1  m  60 with a size 44 or XL and a chest size 95  F with nipples that looked at the ground and breasts at the navel, a belly with stretch marks and drooping. I had come to no longer look at myself in the mirror, to hate myself, and my life as a couple was affected, but I knew that cosmetic surgery could be a springboard for me.  ! So I decided to make an appointment with Dr  Pulvermacker, which I found thanks to several searches on the Net and a friend advised me. The day of the first meeting, I came out of his office full of hope for a new life, he is very attentive and offers good advice (says what is possible and what cannot be done). 'is not). Even very complexed by my body, he put me in confidence, reassured me, but at the same time made me understand that surgery can give excellent results if there is a better hygiene of life afterwards . He asked me to lose a little weight so that the result would be the best possible and to stop smoking for the healing, which I did, because I was determined to change my life. So I lost 5  kg before the operation and underwent seven operations in one  : abdominoplasty, breast reduction, removal of the armpit bulges, liposuction of the back, hips, arms and pubis. The day of the operation in April  2014, welcome to the clinic and the team, nothing to complain about. In the OR, I was in a hurry to be asleep in order to wake up with my mermaid body  ! The anesthesiologist who works with him is also very available and I thank her. After, a few hours in the OR for the big jobs  ! I was still up less than twelve hours after the operation without any pain  ! After the operation, when Dr  Pulvermacker removed the breast reduction bandages from me, I wanted to cry with joy  : a new life was offered to me. No more back pain, complexes, difficulties in getting dressed. On the third day, back home, the scars are impressive when it's the first time, but disappear over time. The doctor  Pulvermacker is always available and ready to receive me at the slightest fear, justified or not elsewhere  ! After the operation, I started a real diet and lost 10  kg in four months  ; afterwards I decided to do liposuction of the thighs and knees  : the result is incredible. The doctor  Pulvermacker was always available, a real doctor with real follow-up. I lost in all 25  kg and I'm finally enjoying life with size 36 clothes, something I never imagined, and a 90 cup  C, I feel beautiful and sexy. Certainly, I have a lot of scars, but they are not visible or more, even the nurse who gave me the home care told me  : "  In view of the scars, this is haute couture that you have here  !  I cannot thank Dr  Pulvermacker who is truly a magician of cosmetic surgery. The body I have today is thanks to him  ! He is my savior  ! I have no problem saying that I have had cosmetic surgery and advise anyone wishing to deal with a cosmetic surgery artist to go and see him. Today, it's been a year and a half that I am comfortable in my skin, and especially in my head and in my life. THANK YOU Dr  Pulvermacker. "



4 / Véronique, 34, abdominoplasty


I had the operation on the 3rd  September 2015 of an abdominoplasty. On my way to Dr  Pulvermacker, I was motivated and at the same time stressed for fear of running into a charlatan, because it is not a trivial operation. From the first meeting and during the discussions, I saw a surgeon listening, professional and at the same time human. For me, this is not given to all surgeons. During my operation until my convalescence, at no time did I feel neglected. I was followed to the end, I had a lot of advice that I totally respected. Today I am a fulfilled woman. I feel better about myself, and for those around me, the results are astounding. The scar is very beautiful and almost more visible a month and a half after the operation  ; it makes me think that dr  Pulvermacker is a maniacal person who likes perfection, which for me is a big quality about him.


Today what to say about the advantages since my operation  ?

- I got a promotion.

- Twice as many calls from my darling during the day.

- I finally have nails, because during my convalescence I had forgotten them, because I was biting them.

- I regained my self-confidence.

- I have a lot more confidence and therefore more ambition for my professional future.


The inconvenients  :

- No more fries, no more McDonald's and pizzas galore.

- My darling has to go shopping to renew my wardrobe.


So big thanks to Dr  Pulvermacker. I recommend it to you with your eyes closed.



5 / Christelle, 36 years old, breast reduction


I had the operation in September  2014 of a breast reduction, I made a cap  E with a huge sagging chest.

After finally making up my mind, I made an appointment with Dr  Pulvermacker, the meeting went very well  ; the doctor  Pulvermacker is very kind and very attentive to patients. With his assistant, they form a very good team, at the slightest anxiety or question, you can call them and they will reassure you.


He explained to me the progress of the operation as well as the postoperative consequences. He convinced me, the appointment was made.

I returned to the clinic on Wednesday and left on Friday, the operation went very well, no pain. I thought the operation would hurt and not at all. I went home and a nurse came to take care of me at home (looking back I could have done the treatment myself, I just had to disinfect the scars and place compresses).

Today it has been seven months since the operation took place, and I saw  ; the scars are very beautiful and will not be seen in a while. The doctor  Pulvermacker has changed my life, I can again buy and find bras without trying them on, play sports, put on dresses… I make a beanie  vs.

In short, I absolutely do not regret having trusted him.


6 / Christine, 46 years old, breast reduction


I would like to thank Dr  Pulvermacker for his intervention, with which I am fully satisfied. Indeed, I had, not long ago, undergone a first intervention by another surgeon who had been recommended to me by my gynecologist, intervention concerning a breast reduction. The result was far from what I expected. Not only had I not lost any breasts, but my breasts were no longer "  symmetrical  », Especially in the areolas. I was very disappointed. However, due to my determination, I requested an appointment with Dr  Pulvermacker. Her assistant (charming and attentive) made me feel very welcome and an appointment was set very quickly. I communicated my wish to Dr  Pulvermacker, who not only listened to me but also heard me. He explained to me that the operation might not meet my expectations, because of the previous operation. He took the time to explain to me what he could do. In view of his explanations, his professionalism, his patience and his human qualities, I did not hesitate to him "  entrust my body  ". A month and a half after the operation, I am very satisfied with the results. I, as I wished, lost two cups (I went from the cup  D at the cup  B) and moreover, the scars are made in such a way that they are not visible. I will see him again in two months for a check-up. Due to his perfectionism and professionalism, I would go, if necessary for other reasons, to Dr.  Pulvermacker. A big thank you to you who understood me and made me feel better physically and morally.



7 / Audrey, 28, breast reduction


I had a breast reduction operation from Dr  Pulvermacker. It took me years to take the plunge, but on the first date, my decision was made. He answered all my questions and explained to me very clearly the course of the operation and the postoperative consequences. He is very attentive and really very nice. The operation went well and the result is very natural. I am extremely satisfied with the result. He did a great job, I couldn't have asked for better. A new life begins for me thanks to him and his professionalism. I recommend Dr  Pulvermacker.



8 / Marie, 32 years old, breast reduction



After having hesitated for several years to do a breast reduction, I finally decided to consult Dr.  Pulvermacker, from which I had only heard good results.

The first consultation took place in July  2015 with a little trepidation  ; very quickly the doctor gives me confidence. He is so kind and reassuring that the appointment for the operation is made immediately.

The 17th  September 2015 the operation takes place in the morning at 8  h, I wake up around 12  h without suffering, the same evening I discovered my new chest when changing the dressings  : the surprise is very pleasant, I go from a size 100  F to a size 100  D.

I go home the next morning with nursing care every day for a fortnight.

My first postoperative visit takes place one week after the operation  : everything is fine. I see Dr  Pulvermacker for the last time on the 15th  November and my next meeting will be in a year.

Very satisfied with his work, I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.


9 / Catherine, 45, breast augmentation with prostheses


Since my pregnancy, my breasts were emptied of their contents, even if they did not fall. Dressed, we couldn't see anything, but naked, I didn't like my chest. As if the mother I had become had replaced the woman. I lived for ten years with a jealous man who didn't want me to be feminine. Neither skirt nor plunging neckline. After our separation, I wanted to revive my femininity. I wanted to seduce again, but above all to please myself. A nurse friend advised me to Dr.  Pulvermacker, she told me that all the nursing staff at the clinic wanted to have her operated on. For me it was really reassuring. I was not sure of myself and was afraid of being missed.


The first time I met Dr  Pulvermacker, I was a little impressed by the address of his practice, in a beautiful area, but I was wrong. I was surprised by his gentleness and his listening, it's as if I already knew him, I was immediately at ease. He also allowed me to call him by his first name, it relaxed me. He was not at all like the other two surgeons I had met before, in a hurry, talking to me like I was a number. I didn't want a scar under the breasts, he reassured me about the technique, he agreed to operate on my nipples, while the others wanted to go under the breasts. His technique finally convinced me.


The day of the operation, it was panic, I was afraid of the anesthesia, I was afraid of dying, I was very anxious. Again, Dr  Pulvermacker and all his team were very attentive, I fell asleep while my hand and forehead were stroked, everything was soft. I was like a child.

I woke up easily, I'm not cozy, I only took painkillers the next day. I resumed my work three days later (I remember my best friend, operated on ten years ago, who could not raise her arms for two weeks), I had no problem resuming my activity.


No one saw that I had been operated on, I kept the same bra size as before, as I wanted. But my breasts are full, firm, pretty, I love them, I can wear t-shirts without a bra in the summer, I feel like they have always been my breasts, I have completely forgotten those of 'before.


A big thank you to the whole team, and especially to Dr Benjamin Pulvermacker. He helped me regain my self-confidence, I became more feminine, even softer, it just clicked. Since then, I have met a wonderful man, and I am sure it is also thanks to this operation.


10 / Perrine, 31 years old, breast augmentation with prostheses


Having no breasts at all, I had wanted an operation for years. Glad to have found Dr  Pulvermacker thanks to an acquaintance who had told me the most good. From the first preoperative appointment, I had a feeling of great listening, understanding and above all confidence. Elements that were confirmed during our meetings and my operation. I am delighted with the result and I feel more fulfilled and above all more woman. At 30, I finally feel good in my body. The result is perfect, the scars clean. The work is of high quality. The more, it is the postoperative appointments for a year that allow to have a serious and regular follow-up, to be reassured and to be able to ask any questions. Many thanks to Dr  Pulvermacker that I will advise my relatives if necessary.



11 / Charli, 32 years old, breast augmentation with prostheses


Following a breast reduction performed by another surgeon whose name I would not mention, I found myself with a breast that gave me more complexes. The doctor  Pulvermacker, with his great human qualities, was able to reassure me, but above all, thanks to his professionalism, gave me back a breast of which I am proud today. That is why I reiterate all my thanks and gratitude to him.


12 / Firous, 38 years old, breast augmentation with prostheses


After some information from doctors, I chose Dr  Pulvermacker, following favorable opinions. I knew it was good, but after my operation and those of my relatives and family… I can see that it is not good, but very, very good. Competent, smiling, attentive and kind, as well as his team. I regret my last meeting today… See you in ten years  !


13 / Charline, 25, breast augmentation with prostheses


Having never done cosmetic surgery before and not having people around me who could refer me to the right surgeon for my breast augmentation, I therefore did a lot of research on the Internet. These were successful as they led me to Dr.  Pulvermacker. His listening, his patience and his availability clearly reinforced my choice. The operation was a success and the postoperative follow-up is excellent  ! Do not hesitate to ask him all your questions during the first consultations and, whatever happens, if you have any doubts or others, his very pleasant assistant Chloé will take the time to answer you as soon as possible. I therefore strongly recommend this surgeon to you, whom I would like to thank for having carried out a work beyond my  hopes ...


14 / Sandra, 46 years old, plastic prosthesis for breast ptosis


I hesitated a lot before consulting a surgeon. Yet I had been thinking about it for a long time. Indeed, after a pregnancy, a catch then a significant weight loss and breastfeeding, my breasts had fallen.

Over the years this of course did not improve and insidiously generated a major complex for me. I began to find many subterfuge not to show them and not to see them.

I made up my mind one day and consulted a first surgeon. I did not come out convinced. It is all the same a surgical act which requires that a trust be established with the practitioner.

A year later, a friend, operated by Dr  Pulvermacker, showed me the result of his breast operation, I was amazed. So I met him and found him extremely benevolent. I was confident.

Today, I am barely a month postoperative, and I cannot believe it. My scars are barely visible, although I usually don't heal very well. In all seriousness, I didn't even think I would ever have such a beautiful breast.

I am glad. This operation, I really did it for me. I'm quite modest, so it's not to show off a beautiful cleavage. I prefer people look me in the eye. On the other hand, I regain a self-confidence that I had somewhat lost. I feel good in my body, I can look at my bust in the mirror again and feel super feminine.

I am told that I am radiant, I know why  !



15 / Axelle, 18 years old, breast asymmetry treated with breast prostheses


The first time I had an appointment with Dr  Pulvermacker, I was 17  years and a big complex. I had an asymmetry at the level of the chest, I was two different sizes. I was a little afraid that I would have to resort to plastic surgery to fix this problem. During my first appointment, the doctor was able to reassure me and take into account my desires too. Over time, my apprehensions disappeared and I was even in a hurry for the date of the operation to arrive. On the big day, everything went very well, there were no complications. Today, looking back, I will do it again and recommend it to anyone with the same problem, because it is life changing. It's not just a question of physics, today I also feel better in my body and in my head. I cannot thank Dr  Pulvermacker and all his team for listening to me as they have been and for allowing me to gain self-confidence.


16 / Ludovic, 38 years old, Gynecomastia


I am a business owner, I have always been athletic, but because of my very demanding job, I had to stop all activity for years, and I gradually gained weight. In six years I took 6  kg, especially in the stomach and chest, while the rest of my body remained firm and muscular.

I, who pay attention to my appearance, was embarrassed when I put on slightly tight T-shirts. And those saggy breasts (and not muscular pecs) bothered me a lot.


A friend of mine had had surgery from Dr Pulvermacker a year ago. The very natural result and the well-being she has felt since then encouraged me to take the plunge. I knew that I would never be able to put in the sports time and effort necessary to make my appearance satisfied.


Dr Pulvermacker was very reassuring about the post-operative consequences and the possible results, without promising me any miracles. He inspired me with confidence through his professionalism and empathy.

I have already been operated on several times and I am subject to bad awakenings from anesthesia. The preoperative appointment with the anesthesiologist also reassured me on this point.

The operation went very well, with a smooth, trouble-free awakening.

For a few weeks, I had to wear panties, and the only inconvenience was numbness of the torso, temporary but completely painless.


In just four weeks, the result was beyond my expectations, and I no longer had any visible scars. Since then, this operation has been like a trigger, I got into sport and I take care of myself.

I feel much better about myself.


I thank Dr Pulvermacker and warmly recommend him to men who dare not take the plunge.


17 / Gilles, 31 years old, gynecomastia


I had the operation in October  2012 from gynecomastia that bothered me since puberty. I have often thought about having this operation, but I needed support to take this step. This support, I found it in the person of Dr  Pulvermacker. What kindness  ! From the first visit, I felt his quality of listening, his patience, his keen sense of meticulous work. He takes the time to fully explain each step of the operation and the postoperative period. His assistant is like the Doctor  : sweet, smiling, available, reassuring. In short, a shocking duo  !

Today, the result is stunning  ! No more complexes. The scars are barely visible. The doctor has done a goldsmith's job. I am fully satisfied with it and I highly recommend Dr.  Pulvermacker. A huge thank you to the Doctor and his team  !


18 / Séverine, 28 years old, abdominoplasty.


Hello Doctor Pulvermacker,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your kindness, your professionalism and your listening to my expectations as well as for the follow-up, from the support from the start to today, I am delighted.


I have always been very strong, my highest weight was 158  kg (I admit it to you today, because too shameful I rarely told the truth).

Then there was the ring (a big boost) and here I am now at 58  kg and skin not knowing what to do with it.

A few friends later (Nathalie, Amandine, Christelle, all 3 operated) and here I am in front of you.

I first made an appointment with your assistant, who is a very human person, because she knew how to comfort me. When I introduced myself to her  a week before the operation, in tears and not knowing if I was going to pass the course or not, I was full of doubts, fear and I did not yet have all the funding.

Finally all that to tell you that the moment you came to see me after the operation and that I saw the result, you smiled and told me  : "  Look, touch, it's yours, it's your belly.  Then you took my hand saying  : "  It is  very good  !  "

I had no doubts about your skills so I wouldn't say I was relieved, but rather EMUE, I waited until you left to cry, because I was already ashamed to have called "  nénette  »My pubis in front of you, but it came out on its own  !

I hope I have been a pleasant patient or finally not too annoying, because as soon as I am no longer on shifts, I will make a pot to see you again quickly.

For your future, I wish you much happiness.

Thank you again for all.




Following an unfortunate fall, I split my lower lip and chin. I went to the emergency room of a hospital where I was sewn up.

The result was not brilliant; I ended up with a huge bump on my chin and my lip was deformed. On the recommendation of one of my doctors, I  went to Doctor Pulvermacker. From the start I felt reassured and confident. I had no apprehension when, after examination, he informed me that he would perform surgery.

The result exceeded my expectations. 4 months later, I have no more scars and bumps.

Dr Pulvermaker has shown immense professionalism and great humanity and I wish to express my immense gratitude to him.

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