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Doctor Benjamin Pulvermacker,

Plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon

and restorative surgeon

My main goal is to achieve a natural result. It's like a "  signature  ".

I like that we see in my patients a change after their intervention, but without

that it can be attributed to a surgical procedure.


Trust between a patient and his cosmetic surgeon is essential.

It helps to cement their relationship, both before, during and after the operation.


Each patient who comes to see me for the first time takes the time to tell me his story, his desire, his project.

I must find a solution adapted to his felt need, but which always respects

her personality. It is on this condition that the intervention will be well experienced, that the complex

may disappear, and the patient may regain his self-confidence.


I carry out all the medical and surgical procedures myself.


The postoperative follow-up should especially not be neglected, because the scarring, the edemas,

the post-operative consequences and the speed of obtaining the final result are all sources

of stress.

This is the reason why I see my patients many times after their operation.

I give them the number of my professional mobile phone after the procedure

and I make myself available at all times to answer their questions and their anxieties.


Each patient needs to be reassured and accompanied during this whole stressful time. So I wanted to create a team around me that has the same empathy.

My assistant, my surgical assistants and my anesthetists know the implications of hope, associated with the fear of surgery. Smiling, gentle and professional,

they take the time to show everyone that they are important.


Titles and Diplomas

Former intern at Paris hospitals.

Laureate of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris.

Former head of clinic at the Paris medical faculty.

Former assistant in Paris hospitals.

Former teacher at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris V.

Former head of clinic in Paris hospitals in plastic surgery departments

in the Cochin Saint-Vincent-de-Paul hospital, the Rothschild hospital and in the burns department of the Saint-Antoine hospital.

Practitioner attached to the hospitals of Paris (Saint-Louis hospital).


Exclusive qualification by the Council of the Order of Physicians

in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

DESC in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

French College of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Master's degree in anatomy.

Microsurgery IUD.

Hand surgery IUD.

Member of SoFCPRE (French Society of Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery

and aesthetic).

Member of the French College of Plastic Surgery.


Because it seems essential to him to continue to treat at the public hospital,

the doctor  Pulvermacker is still currently a surgeon attached to the Saint-Louis hospital,

in the plastic surgery department of Prof.  Mimoun.


The establishments in which he works have all obtained certification and accreditation from the Haute Autorité de santé.


He holds professional liability insurance for all

acts of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Registered with the Paris Order of Physicians under the number  75/72049, he has an exclusive qualification for plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery (DESC).



This site is a  information site  and cannot replace a consultation.

Only the meeting between the patient and the cosmetic surgeon will make it possible to define the objectives and the modalities of a possible intervention.


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