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Morpheus is the first and only technology cleared by the FDA to enable deep subdermal fat remodeling down to 8mm. Thanks to a unique large-area tip consisting of a matrix of 40 fine gold-coated micro-needles, and a thermal profile of 7 mm + an additional thermal profile of 1 mm, Morpheus can be programmed to process quickly and efficiently. large tissue areas at depth.





A lot of things! Smooth wrinkles (around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and neck ...), tighten the skin of the arms, stomach and thighs, brighten the complexion, tighten dilated pores, etc ...

For all women who want to improve the quality of their skin.


The treatment is halfway between microneedling and the fractional CO2 laser, which is very effective in renovating the skin. It fills acne scars, fades stretch marks, improves small acne and offers a very interesting lifting-like action on nasolabial folds and early jowls, folds of bitterness. And without the weighting effect that injections of hyaluronic acid can have in the long term!  


“I integrate this technology into my practices and I use it as an alternative to surgery in patients in their early fifties who do not yet need a facelift or who do not want one, as well as complement to the facelift, to prepare the skin for re-tensioning or to enhance the results of a facelift, to reduce the bitterness that may persist after the operation, for example. Finally, last but least, fractional energy also has an action on excessive sweating, by destroying the sweat glands, MORPHEUS It really is the dream machine! "

Benjamin Pulvermacker 

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