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Understand the principle

hair transplant


Because hair loss for a man is often very badly experienced.

Because some women during traumatic life episodes can also lose thickness in their hair.

Baldness is most often of genetic origin in humans. Some people have hair that is sensitive to the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Contact between DHT and genetically programmed hair prevents their regeneration, hence their final fall.

The hair in the crown around the head is not sensitive to this hormonal influence. thus, they never fall.

How? 'Or' What?

I use the motorized FUE graft technique. Method without removing scalp strips, therefore without scars.

Using a motorized micro instrument, follicular units are removed, each containing 2 to 4 hairs at the crown. After treatment, these follicular units are reimplanted using the Choï implanter in the alopecic areas.  These grafts, because they come from an area not subject to androgenetic alopecia, will no longer fall out.

Operative suites:

They are generally  very simple.

Edema can appear in the grafted region after 24 hours, which can descend to the forehead and eyelids. It resolves after 3 to 4 days.


Scabs will appear on the implants and fall off after a week.


The regrowth of transplanted hair is done from the 3rd month and is done at the speed of one cm per month.

The final result is judged after 6 to 12 months.

Hair transplant without scars

A revolutionary surgical technique:

Motorized FUE hair transplantation.  

For a long time, the surgical arsenal to treat alopecia relied on hair transplant techniques such as "strip extraction" and "large grafts" which had the disadvantage of being painful and gave disappointing results at the cost of scars. unsightly on the scalp.


The technique of  Hair transplant offered by Dr Benjamin Pulvermacker is the result of a know-how that requires thoroughness, precision and meticulousness, and constitutes a real revolution in the field of micro hair transplantation.


The technique consists of taking follicular units (which contain two to four hairs), in order to reimplant them in the bald area of the scalp using an innovative and original system, the Choï implanter.

This instrument allows the microperforation of the scalp and the introduction of the follicular unit to be carried out at the same time.

The implantation of 1000 follicular units, or 2 to 3000 hairs, is carried out on average at each session. The average duration of the intervention is 1h30.

This technique, when performed by experienced operators,

offers a natural result without stitches, without scars.


For 100% natural results and maximum density at each session


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