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Breast augmentation should tend towards a natural result as much as possible. My priority is to respect the harmony of the body, so as not to create an aesthetic imbalance.



Why  ?


Because we do not like (or more) her breasts, that they are too small. Because they are not in harmony with the rest of her body, or they have changed after pregnancy, or significant weight loss. To feel more feminine, sexier, more glamorous, and to have a nice cleavage without cheating.


How? 'Or' What  ?


A mammogram / ultrasound is recommended before the operation.

The operation takes place under general anesthesia, lasts about an hour and requires overnight hospitalization.

The prostheses used can be made of physiological serum or silicone gel, positioned either in front of the pectoral muscle, or behind the muscle, or positioned in a dual plan (the result is natural, this is the method I use most often. ).

The scar is found as often as possible under the areola (minimal scar, even invisible), under the breast or in the armpit.


Suites and result.


A specific sports bra is put on after the operation and will be maintained for a month.

Rest and pain relievers are necessary for the first week, as the pain is moderate.

The edema appears within the first twenty-four hours and persists for several weeks.

The result is considered final after six months.

The main laboratories recommend changing implants every fifteen years.

Above all, the patient must have excellent follow-up by her surgeon, in order to detect a possible complication.




The most feared complication is the occurrence of "  shell  Around the prosthesis, which can become hard and painful to the point of deforming the breast. Fortunately very rare, its occurrence may require a new intervention.

Other risks such as the appearance of a hematoma or an infection are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.

Before-After Pictures

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