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Ear Surgery


Surgery for protruding ears is common. It is associated with two small malformations that cause the appearance "  taken off  From the ear.

The correction of protruding ears can be covered by Health Insurance, if there is a significant psychological impact and an objective malformation.


Why  ?


Because these two small defects in the cartilage of the ear can cause significant psychological suffering, especially from childhood. Because the patient is mocked, and his ears become an obsession.


How? 'Or' What  ?


There is no age to have an operation, for a child I advise to wait until he makes the request himself, which often happens when entering primary school (around 6- 7  years), or when entering college (12-13  year).


The otoplasty is performed on an outpatient basis, with an outing the same evening.

Most of the time, the operation is performed under sedation, combined with local anesthesia. The operation lasts between 45  min and 1  h.


Suites and result.


This operation is not painful. The modeling helmet dressing, made at the end of the operation, is removed after 24  h in consultation by the surgeon.

A headband of the type "  tennis  Is then put in place and will ideally be kept for a month.

A swollen, edematous appearance is normal for at least two weeks.

Sport is contraindicated for a month.

The final result is obtained on average around the second month, but the retroauricular scar can still evolve for a year.




The most common risk is the occurrence of a hematoma in the posterior part of the ear.

The externalization of internal threads can sometimes be encountered several years after the operation. It is then sufficient in consultation to withdraw these threads in a sterile manner.


The other complications are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.

Pictures  Before after

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