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Plastic surgery


This surgery consists of restoring radiance to the gaze, making it more lively, more rested.

The objective is to rejuvenate the look without modifying its expression.


Why  ?


Because we have excess skin on the upper eyelids, which can go as far as hindering visibility. Because we have bags under our eyes, and we look tired all the time, even when we are rested.

Because our gaze is no longer in harmony with the energy that we have in ourselves, because the "  heaviness  Of our eyelids is no longer in harmony with the rest of the face.


How? 'Or' What  ?

The operation is most often carried out on an outpatient basis (same day discharge), either under local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. You can operate either only the upper eyelids or the lower eyelids, but very often you operate all four eyelids at the same time.


Upper blepharoplasty.


It consists of removing the excess skin located between the eyebrow and the eye.

The goal is to hide the scars in the groove located halfway up the eyelid, between its mobile part and its fixed part.

The intervention lasts between 30 and 45  min.


Lower blepharoplasty.


The procedure usually involves removing the small fatty pockets that protrude under the eyes. The scar is then made in the conjunctiva, and is therefore invisible.

More rarely, there is a real excess of skin, which will impose a scar under the eyelashes.


Suites and result.


This operation has the particularity of being almost painless.

The ablation of the threads is usually done around the fifth day.

Edema and bruising can last from seven to ten days.

A period of three to six months is necessary to assess the result.




Besides those related to general anesthesia, the risks of eyelid surgery, such as hematoma and scarring abnormality, are very rare.

Epidermal cysts are quite common, but not at all serious  : they can appear along the scars and are removed in consultation.

The other risks are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.

Before-After Pictures

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