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Arm lift


The skin on the inside of the arms is particularly thin and tends to sag with age. In addition to aging, after significant weight loss, the skin of the arms becomes distended, which only surgery can repair.


Why  ?


Because you can no longer put on a short-sleeved T-shirt or dress with suspenders, without being complexed by the skin of the arms which "  dangling  "With each movement and gives an effect"  bat  ".

Because after a significant weight loss, we have stretch marks on our arms.


How? 'Or' What  ?


The lifting of the inner face of the arms (or brachioplasty) consists in reshaping the curve of the arm, by combining two techniques  : liposuction of residual fat and ablation of excess skin. The latter will cause a scar which can be located in the armpit or extend over the entire inner side of the arm, depending on the amount of excess skin to be removed.


This intervention requires one or two nights of hospitalization, it takes place under general anesthesia.

When it comes to a sequel to significant weight loss, this surgery can be covered by Social Security.


Suites and result.


I insist on the need for smoking cessation, at least four weeks before the operation and several weeks after the operation, because the quality of the healing is a major issue in this operation.


The consequences of the operation are not very painful, but the patient is embarrassed in the gestures of daily life which require the arms for ten days.

Significant edema may persist for several weeks. The compression garment put on in the operating room must be kept for four weeks.

The final result is appreciated between three and six months.




In addition to those related to general anesthesia, the main specific risks of lifting the inner side of the arms are healing disorders, disunity (markedly increased by a history of smoking), as well as lymphatic effusion, which sometimes requires a puncture.

The other risks are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.

Before-After Pictures

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