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Thigh lift - Cruroplasty

This surgery offers real comfort to patients, whose walking is hampered by permanent friction of their thighs against each other.

No sport or diet can help tighten excess sagging skin.


Why  ?


Those who have made a major effort to lose several tens of pounds are desperate when they see an effect in their mirror "  pleated  », Sagging skin that makes them almost as complex as it was before they lost weight.

Because our thighs touch each other when we walk and we can no longer put on a skirt, because this triggers redness between the thighs, maceration problems, and therefore fungal infections.

Because the thighs are stretched or have many folds.

Because we have wrinkled skin below the bikini line (at the root of the thigh), and the negative image we have of ourselves when we are naked has repercussions in our privacy.


How? 'Or' What  ?


The facelift of the inner thighs (or cruroplasty) consists in reshaping the contour of the thigh, most often by combining two surgical procedures  : liposuction of residual fat from the thighs and removal of excess skin.

It is the size of the excess skin that will condition the location of the scar, most often in the groin, but which can extend on the inside of the thigh to the knee.


The operation takes place under general anesthesia with at least two nights of hospitalization. In the event of significant weight loss with major sagging skin, this surgery can be covered by Social Security.


Suites and result.


I insist on the need for smoking cessation, at least four weeks before the operation and several weeks after the operation, because the quality of the healing is a major issue in this operation.


The aftermath of the operation is quite painful, but I prescribed an appropriate analgesic treatment, which will be reassessed if necessary.

Significant edema may persist for several weeks. The compression garment put on in the operating room must be kept for four weeks.

The final result is appreciated between three and six months.




In addition to those related to general anesthesia, the main specific risks of lifting the inner thighs are healing disorders, disunity (markedly increased by a history of smoking), as well as lymphatic effusion, which sometimes requires a puncture.


The most important general risks are thromboembolic complications such as phlebitis, or even pulmonary embolism.

Their prevention involves the prescription of a preventive anticoagulation, an early resumption of walking, the avoidance of prolonged sitting.


The other complications are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.

Before-After Pictures

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