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This operation consists of reinjecting the patient's fat taken by liposuction (for example on the stomach or saddlebags), in other locations of the body or face that are devoid of it (in the breasts, face or breasts). buttocks).

This method is enjoying increasing success, because it avoids the presence of a foreign body as well as a scar. I also use it a lot in reconstructive surgery and breast reconstruction after cancer.


Why  ?


Because the face has hollowed out over time, to restore volume to the cheeks, or fill in wrinkles.


Because we find his buttocks too flat, and we would like to have them more plump.


Because after an accident or surgery, the scar left a hollow on a part of the body.


For a natural increase in the volume of the breasts, the curve and the décolleté, while removing a fatty excess localized elsewhere.


How? 'Or' What  ?


The operation is most often performed under general anesthesia, on an outpatient basis.

Today, cannulas are very thin and allow a good surgeon to adapt perfectly to the area to be operated on. The fat is reinjected in various small places, to optimize the chances of engraftment. After each injection of fat, there is always a part that will be absorbed in a few weeks.



Suites and result.


The postoperative effects are a little painful and justify an adapted analgesic treatment during the first eight days. The pain is fleeting during the change of position and corresponds to great aches.


The shower is authorized the next day.

Most often, a panty-type compression garment will be put on at the end of the operation and will be kept for about a month, night and day. Significant edema appears around the second day and persists for several weeks, as does bruising (bruising).


Postoperative care (in addition to analgesics) generally includes antibiotic therapy and preventive anticoagulation, to reduce the risk of phlebitis.


The percentages of resorption vary according to the studies, but we can retain that of at least 30  %. The engraftment is done in three months.

The final result is appreciated after six months.




The main local risks of this intervention are insufficient results and irregularities, which can be corrected if necessary by retouching.

The general risks are those of liposuction.

The other complications, which are very rare, are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.


(also called lipomodelling or lipofilling),

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