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Liposuction makes it possible to truly redraw a silhouette. It is particularly recommended in patients with localized fatty deposits, in areas where diet and sport are not effective (saddlebags, chin, love handles, knees, etc.). Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic operation today, in men as well as in women.


Why  ?


Because we have a poor distribution of fat, which remains massively stored in one or more regions of the body, despite a stable weight. Because these "  heap  »Of fat contrast with the rest of the body type and create difficulties in dressing (eg  : a waist and thin hips, with saddlebags that require you to dress two sizes above). Because the face looks heavy, due to a double chin.

Because we are overweight, and we need a "  starter  »For a global recovery.


How? 'Or' What  ?


Liposuction can be done under local anesthesia if it is a single area to be operated on, or under locoregional or even general anesthesia if the areas are multiple or large.

The operation takes place on an outpatient basis, or with overnight hospitalization, depending on the size of the amount aspirated. Today, the cannulas are very thin and allow a good surgeon to adapt perfectly to the area to be operated on (eg  : chin, bulges on the back, etc.).


Suites and result.


The postoperative effects are a little painful and justify an adapted analgesic treatment during the first eight days. The pain is fleeting during the change of position and corresponds to great aches. Anticoagulant injections are mandatory for ten to fifteen days, to reduce the risk of phlebitis.

The compression garment will be kept for four weeks, night and day, then only during the day.


Significant edema appears around the second day and persists for several weeks, as does bruising (bruising).

The result is assessed six months after the operation.




In addition to the risks associated with general anesthesia, the specific complications of this surgery mainly concern thromboembolic risks, and in particular phlebitis.

Imperfections in the result or small asymmetries are possible and can be corrected if necessary by retouching. But you have to wait twelve months before appreciating the result.

The other complications, which are very rare, are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.


Before-After Photo

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