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Tuberous breasts

Tuberous breast is the most common breast malformation.

It usually combines an abnormality of the implantation base of the breast, the areola (tube-shaped) and asymmetry.



Why  ?


Because all the abnormalities of the breast often cause major psychological suffering in young women, calling into question their femininity and their intimate seduction.


How? 'Or' What  ?


The operation takes place under general anesthesia with one or two nights of hospitalization.

The operation lasts between one and two hours, depending on the importance of the work.

The aim of surgical treatment is to correct the shape and volume of the breasts.

A skin plasty of the breast is most often associated with a breast prosthesis.


Suites and result.


The pain is variable. It is due to the placement of the prosthesis.

The edema is usually present for a few weeks.

The final result is appreciated between three and six months  ; The scars are assessed after a year.




The risks of this surgery (apart from those related to general anesthesia) correspond to the risks of any mammary plastic surgery, and more particularly to the risks associated with breast prostheses (see the corresponding chapters).

Pictures  Before after

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