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Cervico-facial lift

(Face and neck lift)

The result should be as natural as possible. The entourage will notice a youthful look, a good look and an air of rest, but should not notice that there has been an intervention.


Why  ?


Because over the years the skin of the face sagged, jowls appeared, the neck relaxed. Because the face seems permanently tired despite resting, because the first gesture you do in front of your mirror is to stretch your skin with your hands.

How? 'Or' What  ?


The facelift consists of putting the tissues of the face and neck back in tension. It is often associated with eyelid surgery, and sometimes with filling the cheeks by injection of fat (lipofilling). You must always remove excess skin, a gesture that can be associated with re-tensioning the muscles of the face and neck.

The scars are discreetly located behind the ear, then rise behind the tragus (small relief in front of the ear), ending in the temple.


The operation lasts about two hours. It is performed in the majority of cases under general anesthesia, requiring overnight hospitalization. Smoking cessation is necessary at least a month before surgery.


Suites and result.


The shower is authorized as well as the mild shampoo the day after the operation. Edema is present for about ten days, sometimes with bruising.

The threads are removed between the seventh and the tenth day.

The edema will gradually decrease, and the result will be considered final after six months.




In addition to the risks associated with general anesthesia, healing disorders (visible, thick scars) can be observed, which can be corrected later, as can a possible hematoma, which may justify a return to the operating room.
Facial paralysis can be observed for a few hours.

The other, rarer complications are detailed in the SoFCPRE information sheet.

Pictures  Before after

Lifting Visage et Cou
Lifting Visage et Cou
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